Book Review – Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage

“Three Times Lucky” is the fun and quirky tale of want to be detective Mo LoBeau.  Mo who’s real name is Moses, is set for a summer of adventure with her friend Dale.  Things change real quick in the tiny town of Tupelo Landing when the law shows up and someone is murdered.  Mo is determined to solve the crime.  Soon things turn topsy-turvy when Dale is suspected as the murderer, the Colonel leave town, and then Miss Lana goes missing.


During all the investigations and helping Dale stay out of jail, we learn about Mo and how she was found by the Colonel during a hurricane.  Mo searches for her mother by throwing notes in a bottle, upstream of course.  The close-knit community always makes sure to take on of Mo’s bottles when they venture out of Tupelo Landing.

Three Times Lucky will appeal to any adventure lover and amateur detective.   Sheila has packed her novel full of characters you’d expect to meet if you ever travel to Tupelo Landing.  There’s suspense, a treasure,  fear, sadness, joy, and justice.  Mo is truly three times lucky.

Buy a copy here:  Amazon, Barnes and Nobel or ask for it at your local bookstore.




Book Review Blitz: Finn’s Rocket A Surfer Catches Air

Rocket-front cover

About the Book

Title: Finn’s Rocket: A Surfer Catches Air (Finn’s Fast Books, Book #3) | Authors: Serena Schreiber | Publication Date: November 1, 2015 | Publisher: Independent | Pages: 176 | Recommended Ages: 7 to 12

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Book Description:

Finn’s summer vacation plans didn’t include leaving the planet.

When his little sister gets kidnapped from space camp, Finn will do anything and go anywhere to get her back. Even the international space station.


The Buzz About “Finn’s Fast Books”

Finn’s Ship: The story blends Finn’s American upbringing with his German heritage, acquainting the reader with the many similarities and differences in food, culture, language, transportation and family values.~ Candy 613, Amazon

Finn’s Ship: The author did a marvelous job bringing the characters to life and making the reader feel apart of each scene.~ Glen G., Amazon

Finn’s Car: I really enjoyed reading this book! Very fun to read and it’s something that teens will love to read. I recommend it to everyone!~ Jocelyn, Amazon

Finn’s Car: A well-paced, funny and highly infectious read!~ Bree W., Amazon

My Review of  “Finn’s Fast Books”

If your young reader likes action and adventure they will enjoy Finn’s Rocket. Although, I was slightly confused about the appropriate age group, I believe this is a good fit for a middle grader.
It’s packed full of interesting characters, suspense, surfing, space, science and more. I love the relationship between Finn and his sister, they’re both smart and brave with a sense of humor. The family’s life style may be a little bit out of this world, but that’s ok, that’s what reading is for, to escape, imagine and dream.
I would say boys and girls a like would like Finn’s Rocket: A Surfer Catches Air. Serena, has a done a great job in capturing the voice and characterization of all the characters in the is book


About the Author: Serena Schreiber

serenaschreiberFirst published in Brooklyn in third grade, Serena Schreiber took a circuitous route through Europe to settle in Florida. When not writing for kids or scientists, she follows her other muse, fantasy. She’s a happy co-conspirator of Florida Writers Association Youth Program and runs the Howl at the Moon Writers Jam. Serena has two amazing children, a handsome husband, and a turtle named Bolt.

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Book Review: “The Ifs” by J.D.Pooker

Do have a middle grader reader who enjoys a great adventure? In particular, a boy who enjoys adventure? They will enjoy “The Ifs” by J.D. Pooker.


The story revolves around brother Landon and Broden. They have days where they can’t seem to get a long, and others where they take off on their bikes and seek adventure. Strange things start happening to both boys with items being moved, homework mysteriously being finished, strange sounds, and weird sightings.

The mystery turns out to be the If’s who’ve come to the boys for help. Only the If’s can’t actually ask for help, the boys have to offer. The If’s have been watching the brothers for quite a while and admire their great fighting skills and they way they handle swords (sticks).

It’s up to Landon and Broden, to come together, trust each other and rescue the If’s from impending doom.

The If’s aren’t like the Borrowers, they don’t live inside your home, they don’t borrow. The If’s live in villages hidden in the woods. They don’t normally communicate or have anything to do with humans, unless they need their help.

Any middle grader will enjoy this adventure and won’t want to put the book down. To purchase a Kindle edition on clicker here: Amazon

Tucker Little Dog Lost & Found

Cute book! Found it at my favorite independent bookstore in Pacific Grove. Tucker is a Jack Russell who wants to go on an adventure. He packs up a few things: his fancy dog tag, his raincoat (in case it rains) and of course a sweater. He can’t drive so he decides to take the train. That’s when Tucker becomes lost.

Wonderful story filled with vibrant photographs. A dog lovers must – and cat lovers too.