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Released on 03/28/14 Martha Miller Wants a Pet” is available on the MeeGenius! App.  The app is free and the book is only $2.99.  Once you’ve easily downloaded the app to your smartphone, tablet or computer you have access to over 700 books.   Click here to get your copy.

Each book on the MeeGenius! has narration that can be turned on or off, which is a great feature for a child struggling with reading and/or parents that have to read a book over and over.

Martha Miller wants a pet of her own and her parents agree, it’s time.  At the pet store they are shown many types of animals that will make a perfect pet for Martha, but she’s not having any of them.  After much frustration and being shown every animal, lizard, snake and fish in the store, Martha finally decides on what she’d like to take home and Mom is not too happy, dad is a little afraid.  In the end, Martha gets the pet she wants and everyone is “happy”.


My children’s picture book  “Jerry the Boy Who Cried Monster.”  is  also available on the MeeGenius! app.     Click here to go directly to the MeeGenuis! bookstore.  

Do you believe in monsters?  Not scary monsters, just a few that perhaps drink milk out of the carton, or leave a mess in the bathroom.  Jerry has trouble, monster trouble.  It seems that everything that could go wrong, does and Jerry blames it all on the monsters.  His sister is tired of his stories, so are his mother, father, bus driver, and teacher.  It seems that no one believes Jerry at all.   You’re kids will enjoy the story of Jerry and the trouble his imagination causes, or is it really just Jerry’s imagination.


 Both “Martha Miller Wants a Pet” and “Jerry the Boy Who Cried Monster,” are available exclusively on MeeGenius! the #1 app for children’s book