The Anguish of Submitting a Manuscript

Jun 21

Happy first day of summer.

I have to share a post that I recently wrote for the MeeGenius blog, “The Anguish of Submitting.”  If you’d like a peek into a writer’s heart and mind you’ll enjoy.  If you’re a fellow writer, you’ll relate.  I try to keep a sense of humor in everything I do.  I’d love to hear any comments, unless they are to correct spelling or grammar mistakes, those types of comments I won’t approve.

Click here to view post:  The Anguish of Submitting


By the way, if you think you can overcome the anguish of submitting, MeeGenius is in the throngs of their Author Challenge for aspiring children’s authors. Check out my previous blog post for details.  

I have two picture books published and live on the MeeGenius site (click link or see my sidebar to the right).   You’ll love their narration, page turn and the read to myself options.  They’ve got books for all sorts of readers.

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MeeGenius Children’s Author Challenge

Jun 19

Calling all children’s book authors, the MeeGenius Author Challenge has begun.  MeeGenius is searching for the next great author.  All aspiring authors can submit, published or not.   There are no fees to enter, and you must be 18 years or older.   MeeGenius is looking for kids books about animals, sports, and any stories with an engaging voice.  Have fun and create.

The winning manuscript wins a publishing contract and $1500.00.

The last day to enter is July 13th, 2014.

 Click the image below to view past winners of the MeeGenius Author Challenge:

For complete details and rules click here


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Picture Book Throwback Thursday – Little Golden Books

Feb 20

I found another great set of books at an estate sale a few weekends ago.  Nestled underneath a stack of old yellowed linens and magazines I saw peeking out from the edge, the famous golden spines.  Not expecting much, since the first two in the pile were missing covers, I was surprised to find five intact books.



  • Doctor Dan the Bandage Man, which came with six real Band-aids, according to the cover, from 1950
  • The Fuzzy Duckling, from 1949
  • Tootle, from 1946 and complete with brown crayon scribbles on a few pages
  • The Saggy Baggy Elephant from 1947
  • And my favorite – The Color Kittens written by Margaret Wise Brown in 1949, just a few years after Goodnight Moon




Each book contains illustrations that are still vibrant.  Except for The Color Kittens, each book seems to have a lot of words compared to today’s picture book standards.  Tootle appears to be over 2,000 words, although I didn’t count them.

I like to read these old books, and since I got them at an estate sale, I imagine they belonged to that home since they were purchased, they’d been read by the children, the grandchildren and perhaps great-grandchildren. I imagine one day a three year old asking mommy to read, she may have been too busy at that moment, so the three year old kept busy, scribbling in a few with a brown crayon.

 I love these treasures, and they’ve found a spot on my shelf for years to come.

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MeeGenius Introduces Book Club

Jan 07

Where can you access over 700 children’s books for as little as $5.00 a month?  At MeeGenius! of course.  These aren’t just books, these are visually stimulating and narrated books.  Your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or student can easily download books directly to a smart phone, tablet or computer.  Kids love the narration feature, which can be turned on or off.  The narration helps reluctant readers or those struggling with learning to read to follow along as the words are highlighted.

E-books, e-readers, tablets and computers aren’t going away.  They continue to evolve and become more and more a part of our lives.

The children who attended my last book reading, in which I read my book “Jerry the Boy Who Cried Monster” viewed the illustrations on a big screen, while I read.  When I finished, they wanted another book, and then another.  After 3 books, I turned on the narration, and they “read” two more books on their own.  Books, I might add, they probably wouldn’t have picked up and read, or been excited to read.

Here’s one of the illustrations from my book:


I should mention the $5.00 a month is part of the new reading club that MeeGenius is offering.  Now you can purchase a subscription for the children in your lives, and let them choose their own books.  Searching for books has become much easier too.  Try it out:  Books start at around $1.99, and you get several books for free when you join.  Joining doesn’t cost you anything.


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November is Picture Book Idea Month = PiBoIdMo

Oct 26

As the alternative to all the writers in November who are participating in the NaNoWriMo, which is write a novel in a month there is the Picture Book Idea Month otherwise known as PiBoIdMo.  It’s thirty days of coming up with one idea per day for a picture book.  Want to participate in the challenge, or see what it’s all about?  Visit:

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The MeeGenius Publishing Platform

Aug 28

Just read the newest post on the MeeGenius Blog, ” Mining for Gold”.  As you may or may not know, MeeGenius is the publisher of my book, “Jerry the Boy Who Cried Monster.”

Here is an excerpt from the MeeGenius Blog:

“MeeGenius receives dozens of inquiries every day about our publishing platform, the process of publishing a book with our company, and even what we require from debut (or not-so debut) authors and illustrators. And after wading through all of the inbound emails, sometimes we find a hint of gold laying in wait. No, this isn’t a glitzy rock that can be turned into some fabulous jewelry; we mean a story whose words shine from the pages  (well, let’s be honest: the screen)…”

I’m so proud to be one of the stories that shined and MeeGenius published.  I even made it onto their blog as one of their recently published favorites.

Here’s what they had to say:

Jerry, The Boy Who Cried Monster

Jerry, the Boy Who Cried Monster: No one believes Jerry, but there are monsters everywhere and they’re always in the way! Whether they’re hiding his things or making him late for school, Jerry is always being blamed for their tricks. Will he keep getting in trouble because of those pesky monsters?”


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