Book Review – Above All Else

I was delighted to read an Advanced Readers Copy of Above All Else by Dana Alison Levy. Above all Else is the tale of two high-school seniors, Rose and Tate, who’ve been best friends since they were kids. Both have a love for climbing. Rose and Tate have their sites set on Everest, the ultimate climb. But, as per usual with young adult novels, things happen – Rose’s mom becomes ill and can’t make the trek. Tate second-guesses himself after a fall during a training climb, and Rose feels the guilt of being able to do something that her mom wanted to do so badly but couldn’t.

Now, before reading this, I didn’t have much understanding of climbing Everest, other than it’s really hard and can be deadly. Dana wove an incredible story filled with fear, PTSD, love, anxiety, passion, and compassion. I love how this is told from two points of view: Rose and then Tate. The reader gets a sense of the emotions and struggles of each character.

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Available October 1, 2020

Jersey’s Spots

I’m loving the reviews on “Jersey’s Spots”

We Could All Learn Something From this Cow

“We loved the turn of events as Jersey used a little bit of hard work with her natural talents to change her seemingly sad situation around. She not only helped others, but discovered herself in the process! Go Jersey!” Pickles and Cheese

Spot On

Jersey’s Spots is a beautifully written picture book about self-acceptance. I was utterly mooooved! L. Schmid

Cute Story and Cute Drawings

“The story is so sweet and the pictures beautiful! A tale about being yourself – and being ok with that.” Coolio

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Book Review “Charming Life of Izzy Malone” by Jenny Lundquist

Isabella Malone, Izzy for short, has one thing on her middle-grade agenda – to be part of the Dandelion Paddlers, a rowing club. She has a few problems, one being she visits the school principal, a lot. The other, her overachiever sister who casts a big shadow over Izzy. Her parents have had enough and decide to enroll Izzy in charm school. When the first assignment arrives by mail, and it’s not exactly what Izzy thought it would be, but if she completes the task she will get a cool charm to add to a bracelet. Being Izzy though, the tasks don’t go easy, and soon her hopes of getting all the charms and being a Dandelion Paddler begin to sink.

Fun, can’t put it down story of the underdog, the kid who seems to be misunderstood, friendship, family, and dreams.