About Me

Little Me

I caught the writing bug at a young age.  Here’s me writing, something, probably a one person play I was going to perform. I am not going to tell you what year this was taken.  You can figure it out by the hip patent leather boots I’m wearing, the bohemian dress and the funky wallpaper.

The wallpaper may look funky with it’s retro/vintage oranges and browns, but it was actually little farm houses and trees.  I distinctly remember laying in my bed at night, on the top bunk, imagining all the families living in those farm houses.   I of course lived in one, with a horse of my own and several dogs and cats.   Behind me you see a glimpse of a metal dollhouse.  I reenacted many of my stories using the imaginary family in that doll house, wish I still had it (the dollhouse not the imaginary family).

I had a few years of not writing, I blame my children. I raised three boys, who are now grown. Son one is now married and works as a calculus teacher, after serving in the USMC.  He did not get his math skills from me.  Son number two works hard in the restaurant industry while going to school to be a Foresnic Anthropologist (he lost me at cadaver.)  Son number three is a sailor in the USN and is some where on a Nuclear Submarine.

Here’s me a few years ago in Mendocino, California.  One of my favorite places is along the rocky coast of California.  You can see I’ve lost the pigtails, but I’m still wearing those patent leather boots, you just can’t see them.

Current Project

 Inspired by a short sentence that I found scrawled on a sidewalk here in mid-town, in front of an old creepy Victorian, I came up with a plot for a middle grade novel.  During NaNoWriMo 2015 I challenged myself to write it.  Completely out of my comfort zone and humor genre, but the words just kept falling onto the page.   Inspired by my favorite author, Stephen King, favorite film director, Alfred Hitchcock I found I was channeling a suspenseful speculative fiction account of a middle grade boy who finds out he only has seven days left as a human (no vampires here.) Seven months later, I’m finished with the first draft, my critique partners have read it, and I’m working on the fine tuning.

I work full time at an ad agency in mid-town Sacramento.  I love being surrounded by so many creative people who support me and my writing.  I find the time to write, getting up at 5 am during the week, and carve a slot of time on the weekends.  I’m dedicated to my craft and working towards getting representation and published.