Book Review – Above All Else

I was delighted to read an Advanced Readers Copy of Above All Else by Dana Alison Levy. Above all Else is the tale of two high-school seniors, Rose and Tate, who’ve been best friends since they were kids. Both have a love for climbing. Rose and Tate have their sites set on Everest, the ultimate climb. But, as per usual with young adult novels, things happen – Rose’s mom becomes ill and can’t make the trek. Tate second-guesses himself after a fall during a training climb, and Rose feels the guilt of being able to do something that her mom wanted to do so badly but couldn’t.

Now, before reading this, I didn’t have much understanding of climbing Everest, other than it’s really hard and can be deadly. Dana wove an incredible story filled with fear, PTSD, love, anxiety, passion, and compassion. I love how this is told from two points of view: Rose and then Tate. The reader gets a sense of the emotions and struggles of each character.

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Available October 1, 2020

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