Book Review – I Am Still Alive by Kate Alice Marshall, Young Adult

I was hooked from the start. One – the main character is a girl named Jess.  Two – she has to survive on her own, alone – out in the Canadian wilderness. It’s just Jess, her father’s dog, and the unforgiving wilderness.

Jess lost everything; all she has left are the daily reminders with her scars and broken body, from a car accident that killed her mom.  Having no one else, Jess is sent to live with her absentee father, who prefers to live alone, far away from anyone else. Jess is angry at first, while at the same time feels a little sorry for herself.  She pays little attention to her father as he teaches her about living in the wild, things that could literally save her life.  After her father is killed and the small cabin burns, Jess learns to survive.

This is more than a survival story.  It’s a story of change, determination, and love.

4 out of 5 Bookmarks (it’s good – only Harry Potter has 5)

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This is Young Adult in nature. There are several shooting deaths and other forms of violence, so not recommending for a younger audience.

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