Book Review “Stop That Frog!” by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver

“Stop That Frog!” is the perfect little chapter book for your early reader.  An added bonus the publisher Grosset & Dunlap has used a font called Dyslexie.  The Dyslexie font was designed by a graphic designer specifically for dyslexic readers.  It makes it easier for them to read with out jumbling, inverting or flipping the letters.  The font will encourage dyslexic readers not to give up, they’ll be able to reader faster with less errors.


It’s not all about the font either, Hank is one of those kids that most kids can relate too.  He is a little bit impulsive, a little forgetful, some may use the label ADHD.  But, Hank is a fun kid with brilliant ideas and a kind heart.  In this book of the Hank series, Hank is chosen to take care of the principal’s frog for the weekend.  It’s a big job and a lot of responsibility.  There are few rules and things Hank can’t forget, like putting the lid back on the cage.  Can Hank do the job?  He does fall into a little trouble, when he forget to put the lid back on, even after a lot of reminders (it’s Hank’s world).  But in the end his friends and family come to his aid and the frog is safe, and everyone is happy.

If you have a struggling reader, this book is perfect.  If you have an avid new reader who just can’t get enough books, add the Hank series to your to read list.



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