Book Review: Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson

13588082Beautiful story with gorgeous artwork by E.B. Lewis. Winner of a Correta Scott King Honor award. Jacqueline wove a story around a new girl, Maya, who arrived at school with clothes from last season. But the story isn’t about Maya, it’s about how Chloe and several other classmates treat her. One day Maya is gone and the teacher has a lesson on each kindness we do.  She gives a simple demonstration with a pebble tossed in water, and the ripples it causes.  The ripples are each kindness expanding out.  One little pebble, one kindness, has an effect far beyond it’s original point.   This causes Chloe to second guess her actions toward Maya. She wants Maya to come back so she can start over, share some kindness. Buy Maya doesn’t return, and Chloe doesn’t get a second chance.

Although this is touted as an anti-bullying book. I will say it’s more about being kind to those around you. There is no way to tell what that person is going through. Just because someone doesn’t wear new clothes, and perhaps doesn’t have money for lunch -doesn’t mean they don’t deserve kindness. Once the opportunity has come and gone, you may not get a second chance. It’s a gentle and subtle reminder.



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