Book Review: Fearless Joe Dearborne by Lisa Whitney Mitchell

Lisa Whitney Mitchell’s “Fearless Joe Dearborne” is action packed from the start. Joe saves a puppy from a burning house. We learn quickly that Joe does quite a few fearless things, but deep down he’s afraid. Joe’s father has to leave the country to save their ailing business, and leaves him in the carrying hands of Mrs. Chill. Joe thinks something is very strange about Mrs. Chill, who seems friendly to the adults – but not to Joe. Soon he’s sleeping with his bedroom door locked and barricaded. There are quite a few quirky characters like Joe’s aunt, who loves lavender and his friend Green Beans. In the end, Joe proves that he has what it takes to save the day, and it’s not being fearless – but doing the right thing in face of danger. I highly recommend for girls and boys alike. Reluctant readers will enjoy Joe’s story and Mrs. Chill will bring a chill to everyone.

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