Book Review: “The Ifs” by J.D.Pooker

Do have a middle grader reader who enjoys a great adventure? In particular, a boy who enjoys adventure? They will enjoy “The Ifs” by J.D. Pooker.


The story revolves around brother Landon and Broden. They have days where they can’t seem to get a long, and others where they take off on their bikes and seek adventure. Strange things start happening to both boys with items being moved, homework mysteriously being finished, strange sounds, and weird sightings.

The mystery turns out to be the If’s who’ve come to the boys for help. Only the If’s can’t actually ask for help, the boys have to offer. The If’s have been watching the brothers for quite a while and admire their great fighting skills and they way they handle swords (sticks).

It’s up to Landon and Broden, to come together, trust each other and rescue the If’s from impending doom.

The If’s aren’t like the Borrowers, they don’t live inside your home, they don’t borrow. The If’s live in villages hidden in the woods. They don’t normally communicate or have anything to do with humans, unless they need their help.

Any middle grader will enjoy this adventure and won’t want to put the book down. To purchase a Kindle edition on clicker here: Amazon

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3 Responses to Book Review: “The Ifs” by J.D.Pooker

  1. This sounds like a unique story! I especially like the aspect of the “If’s” relating to their inability to ask for help–the boys have to offer their help. Thanks for sharing this review–just hopping over from the kid lit blog hop!

  2. Stacie Theis says:

    I had that chance to read The Ifs and thought it was a wonderful adventure and an important lesson in brotherly love. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. So glad you enjoyed The Ifs Sally! Thanks for taking part in the blitz and joining us in the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

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