Book Review: From the Magical Mind of Mindy by Nikki Bennett

Thoroughly enjoyed “From the Magical Mind of Mindy” by Nikki Bennett. Told from the view point of Mindy’s older sister,  and follows the family around throughout one year.

 It’s clear from early on that Mindy has a magical mind. Mindy is a twin, and doesn’t talk, except to her twin brother who then translates. I don’t like to spoil books by giving away the entire plot, but the 4 siblings in this book suffer a great tragedy and end up living with their Aunt in a big spooky house. Mindy apparently can see things other’s cannot, whether they are real or not it’s up to the reader to decide for themselves. It’s the thing in the cellar that has everyone scared, no one knows what it is, and how it got there and more importantly what it wants.

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