Book Review: Frankie Dupont And The Mystery Of Enderby Manor

Aug 07

Frankie Dupont And The Mystery Of Enderby Manor written by, Julie Anne Grasso is a fun, fast paced, full of investigation and detection and a hint of something more sinister. Frankie Dupont is a great read for lower middle grade readers.

Frankie Dupont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor by Julie Anne Grasso

Frankie is on the case of finding his missing cousin, which leads him into a deeper mystery. Using some tools, handed down from his detective father, its Frankie to the rescue. Of course it’s not going to be easy, there are a few characters who try to get in his way like a gardener who resembles a garden gnome and the fumbling detective that slightly resembles Inspector Clouseau.

Great for reluctant readers, will find it an easy read, even with some of the Australian lingo. Can be read in one sitting. Reminds me of my favorite Nate the Great and Encyclopedia Brown mysteries.

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  1. Thanks so much Sally for taking the time to review my book. so glad that you enjoyed it. Best wishes, Julie

  2. Sally /

    You’re welcome Julie.