Picture Book of the Week: Scaredy Squirrel

One of my new favorites, “Scaredy Squirrel”, by Mélanie Watt.  What’s not to love about a squirrel who is afraid of the unknown is always prepared with a handy emergency kit.

Scaredy prefers to live in the same day to day routine  and in the safety of his nut tree.  He’s afraid of killer bees, martians, poison ivy and germs.  Life in his nut tree is predictable and safe.

Find out what happens when Scaredy Squirrel ventures out of his daily routine and experiences a little trouble which in the end turns out to be a great life changing experience.  I don’t want to tell you what happens because then I’m giving away Scaredy’s secret.

I read this to a two year old and he loved it, even though I think the general idea when over his head, he liked Scardey Squirrel and wanted him to come down out of his tree.

Get to know all about Scaredy Squirrel at www.scaredysquirrel.com  unless you are a penguin.

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