MeeGenius Introduces Book Club

Where can you access over 700 children’s books for as little as $5.00 a month?  At MeeGenius! of course.  These aren’t just books, these are visually stimulating and narrated books.  Your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or student can easily download books directly to a smart phone, tablet or computer.  Kids love the narration feature, which can be turned on or off.  The narration helps reluctant readers or those struggling with learning to read to follow along as the words are highlighted.

E-books, e-readers, tablets and computers aren’t going away.  They continue to evolve and become more and more a part of our lives.

The children who attended my last book reading, in which I read my book “Jerry the Boy Who Cried Monster” viewed the illustrations on a big screen, while I read.  When I finished, they wanted another book, and then another.  After 3 books, I turned on the narration, and they “read” two more books on their own.  Books, I might add, they probably wouldn’t have picked up and read, or been excited to read.

Here’s one of the illustrations from my book:


I should mention the $5.00 a month is part of the new reading club that MeeGenius is offering.  Now you can purchase a subscription for the children in your lives, and let them choose their own books.  Searching for books has become much easier too.  Try it out:  Books start at around $1.99, and you get several books for free when you join.  Joining doesn’t cost you anything.


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