Snippet App

November is a busy month for me.  I’m working a new Snippet for the Snippet App and participating in the PiBoIbMo challenge.  Snippet you ask?  What is a Snippet?  Snippet is a new publishing platform for mobile devices.  I like to say it’s like Twitter for books.  The challenge with writing a Snippet, is that each chapter needs to be 1,000 words or less – thus keeping it brief but still an engaging read.

Many of the Snippet writers weave media such as video and photos into their Snippet.  I like to use photography and images that fit my story and mean something to me.

One of the really cool things about Snippet is you can tweet directly from the Snippet you’re reading and share quotes, videos or other content.

Here’s my current Snippet, “The Art of Recalling.”  Even though it’s a short work of fiction, it’s full of character, depth and an engaging read.  If I get enough requests I will add more chapters.

How do you get Snippet?  Simply go to the APP Store, search for Snippet and download to your phone.  Once downloaded, you can scroll through the library and choose items you wish to read.  The prices range from .99 to 2.99.  My Snippet happens to be .99.

I would love to hear your feedback.

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