Picture Book Flashback “The Pup Himself”

One of my favorite things to do is pick through stuff at garage and estate sales.  I always turn up some little gem that someone has placed a price tag on of .25¢ or less.  I’ve found many interesting vintage books this way.  There was the set of Japanese primers, the chapter book illustrated by Ezra Keats and last weekend’s find of “The Pup Himself.”

I found it tucked under a stack of dog eared romance novels, between a plastic serving tray and a rusty toaster.  All I saw was the corner of a tattered spine, the yellowed pages and a bit of thread. My husband was already halfway to the car, when I held it up excitedly, “Look it’s only .25¢”  He rolled his eyes, and waited patiently while I babbled with the book’s previous owner.  I hugged the book all the way home.  Yes, I am a book geek… I confess.

“The Pup Himself” was written by Morgan Dennis, and published in 1943  by E.M. Hale and Company in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  It was part of the Sacramento School library system, and still has the last due date stamped in the back.  Oh by the way, this book is way overdue, it was supposed to be returned on Nov. 10, 1978.

Cute story about a homeless and hungry dog trying to survive.  The artwork is amazing even though it’s only in black and white.  Love the dedication page:

Would a child today relate to the phrase “a Mistress in Lady Luck?”  Here is an example of the artwork.

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  1. I love scoring vintage books, too. So fun to see the detailed illustrations and the different phrasing — love the dedication page!

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