Snippet App – Twitter for Books

I have a new writing outlet Snippet. †My most recent project “The Art of Recalling”, is a short work of fiction that is now available on the Snippet App.



So what’s a Snippet? †The Snippet App is a multimedia reading and publishing platform for mobile devices. †I like to say Snippet is like Twitter for books, Snippet limits the word count to 1,000 words max per chapter (unlimited chapters).

Here’s what Snippet App has to say, “Snippet is the happy medium between a blog and an e-book; in content, itís much more. Snippet creates a rich reading experience by weaving media like photos, video and audio into its chapters. Plus, Snippet connects writers and readers like never before, by integrating social media directly into the reading experience. A reader can tweet with a specific hashtag and join a social conversation thatís displayed within the Snippet! Readers can also share quotes, videos and other Snippet content to their own social networks right from the app. Snippetís short form and rich media gives readers a new way to connect, share and discover! You can learn more at”

My Snippet “The Art of Recalling” is available for .99Ę. I’d love to hear your feedback.


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