Little Free Libraries

I recently had the pleasure of attending the ribbon cutting ceremony for a Free Little Library in a city near my home.  My husband surprised me be telling me all week long that he had something special for us to do on Saturday morning.  All I had to do was to bring a book.  Well, being a creative person, my imagination went wild trying to guess what he had planned.  I didn’t figure it out, until we drove up to the quiet neighborhood and stopped in front of this cute little library with a huge red ribbon tied around it.

I placed my book inside, and smiled.  Two little boys walked up and were so excited.  One said to his mom, “Can I get a book?”.  Makes a writer proud.  Now, I want to put one of these up in my neighborhood.

If you are interested in building your own, donating or finding one near you visit their site:  The site has galleries of Little Free Libraries all over the world and plenty of plans to make your own Little Free Library.


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2 Responses to Little Free Libraries

  1. We’ve had a Little Free Library since last August, and I still love it so heartily that I often just stand outside and gaze at it adoringly. We made it match our house.

  2. Sally says:

    Thanks Julie. I think I would have the same problem with a Little Free Library in front of my house. Then my neighbors would really think I’m strange.

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