Book Review – Scary School by Derek the Ghost

I read Scary School, and loved it.  But then, I have the sense of humor of a 4th grade boy.  Well written from the point of view of Derek the Ghost, who happened to have died while attending Scary School.  I love Derek’s catch-phrase, “More about this later.”  And true to his word, Derek always followed up, and didn’t leave me hanging.

In charge detention  is a T-Rex, which Derek quickly describes as having tiny little arms.  The principal has very large hands.  As a child her parents had to wear helmets to keep her from squishing their heads.  Then there are the three Rachels, who all spell their name differently, one of which is spelled Frank.  Charles Nukid makes the mistake o being early the first day AND wearing the school uniform.

Lots of silliness and grossness ensues.  A few children are eaten, a few teacher’s are too, but in the end it turns out to be a great year for the students of Scary School.

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