Book Review – Shiver

If I had to choose between the werewolves of “Shiver” or the Vampires of “Twilight”, the werewolves win hands down. Maggie Stiefvater kept me captivated reading a young adult novel.  I did not have to read pages of teenage angst, instead I was hurdled through a story about love and werewolves.  Yes, werewolves.  The story ended and I want more, so Linger, the second book in the sequel is on my list. Young adults will enjoy the love story entangled with Grace and Sam’s problems.  Adults will enjoy Maggie Stifvater’s intellectual writing style.
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2 Responses to Book Review – Shiver

  1. Ms. Yingling says:

    I did like Shiver much more than Twilight, and the whole series has been a popular one with my students. For some reason, I really enjoy the colored ink!

  2. Sally says:

    Thanks Ms.Yingling. I liked the colored ink too, it made me feel like I was reading an old book.

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