Childhood Favorites

I want to share a few of my favorite childhood picture books:

  • “Mop Top” by Don Freeman
  • “Harry the Dirty Dog” by Gene Zion
  • “The Little House” by Virginia Lee Burton
  • “Flat Stanley” by Jeff Brown

Each book different from the other, but all of them loved by me. Except for “The Little
House” it looks like my choices had male leads and dogs…hmmm.  I have never been a girlie girl – and I love dogs.  Whenever I see a little old house squished between two modern houses I always think of a way to move it out into the country somewhere!  

I have one more favorite that I can’t remember the name of – just the story. It’s about a little girl who when she eats she pushes her food onto her fork with her thumb.  Her mom tells her to stop or she’ll get a green thumb. Eventually the little girl sprouts a plant on her thumb that grows and grows until it takes over the whole house. If you know this book help a girl out – tell me the name. 

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  1. lasophia says:

    OMG SALLY! I miss you! How is the new gig? Well I read that you are buckling down to write and changing gears so that is good. Good to hear from you. Had to get rid of the facebook it was such a time waster!


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