New Job – New Challenges

Well, joy of joys – I finally found a job.  Of course, the positive effect is we now have more income coming in to our house.  It also means that I am learning to juggle my time — learning what is most important to me.  You’d think I’d have less time to write, but, I am finding that since I have such a short dedicated time to write, I am much more productive.I am less apt to get distracted by dirty dishes, my e-mail or the dog barking to go out.  I’ve gotten rid of time wasters (TV — no AMERICAN IDOL this year).

I haven’t figured out yet, a good goal to set for myself as far as number of words to write.  I figure at this point at least dedicating the time and actually sitting at my laptop and writing for a few hours, is the best goal I can have.

I have also put myself on a strict reading regimen, akin to a High School summer reading list.  I’ve made myself a list of the top picks (according to YALSA last two weeks I’ve read two books “Split” by S. Avasthi, and “The Orange Houses” by Paul Griffin.  Both books, clearly different voices, different settings – but both strong literary works.    My list right now has 20 books, as I cross one off, I add another.
Only time will tell…

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