Full Time Writer?

It’s Wednesday, mid-week, my first week of being a full time writer. I have been devoting every waking thought to writing. What can I write next? How can I improve? I have been to a “How to Get Published Class”, my first Writer’s Group meeting, updated my blog, attended my two on-line writing classes, created a story board for my children’s book, read, read and more reading! It’s mind boggling, how could I have done any of this working a full time job?
Today I am hosting a writer’s group at my home. We’re going to critique each other’s work. I am a little nervous. I am going to read my children’s picture book, Jack the Bear and his Boy Andrew. The story based upon my son and his bear. The story started out as a little thought, then more ideas popped into my head and before I knew it I had a full blown book, with pictures!
Stay tuned! Jack has his own blog!

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