First Short Story

Ok, I finished my first short story. I have edited it and edited it over and over, fine tuned it and made Sean listen while I read it outloud. Now I have it neatly printed, stapled and ready to mail off to enter into my first contest. Now, I have two more I am working on. I have to create a short story about Families and then another, any subject but has to be under 3,000 words. The second story I am excited about because the winning story gets published in the Saturday Evening Post! Wouldn’t that be exciting!!!

My mind is constanly on the go, thinking and creating. I’ve turned my creativty side back on — and now I can’t turn it off! I blocked that part of my life out, thinking I wasn’t good enough. But with the help of a good friend, some mentoring, self-help books for writers — I am back on track.

It helps too, that I have had a life long love of reading. My taste in reading has varied over the years from classic literature to the best seller list. But, most importantly for me, when I read, I like to become a part of the story — I like to see it in my head, feel it and envision it. You can’t do that at the movies!