A Day in My Life

What else could I call this post? Does everyday really need to have a title? I will have a hard time coming up with a new title everytime I BLOG. Well, I will have to get creative won’t I? That’s my goal isn’t it!

I have done so much dog sitting recently, that I have finally been able to buy myself a much needed tool — a laptop! Now I have created a creative nook, where I can focus on my writing, where I won’t be distracted by the world around me (family members walking by, yelling at the TV when the Laker’s are losing, and all the animals).

I am working on my second short-story. I am entering another contest the theme of this contest is centered around the family. I am almost through with the plot, then I need to go back in and fill in the details. I will post the finished story to my blog. Stay tuned.

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