Short Story

Some of the research I have done on “HOW TO GET PUBLISHED” seems I need to make a name for myself, so I can get a literary agent. Step 1) this blog. Step 2) I am trying to get a short story in a publication. I put the final touches on my short story today. I pulled a part of my novel out, tweaked it, polished it and fine tuned it. It makes a great short story…kind of leaves the reader wanting more. Sending it off tomorrow.

I find that I do better, keep myself on track, when I have a deadline. Otherwise, I flop around from thing to thing, bored and restless at the sametime. Give me a deadline and a gingerbread latte and I can crank out something good.

As the year draws near to an end – I can only see postive things for me and my family in 2010. This past year was rough, but I learned a lot about myself, reached in and found that creative self that has been laying dormant for so many years. I shouldn’t have ignored it for so long.

Stay tuned for my short story.

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