Book Review – The Memory Keeper by Jennifer Camiccia

Mar 04

Beautifully written middle grade story about LuLu Carter, who seems to have too much memory, and her Gram who is losing hers.

LuLu can remember things that happened on exact days years ago. She doesn’t tell anyone, especially her friends Olivia and Max. But, when Gram starts becoming absent-minded, Lulu decides to “cover” for her, after-all Moma and Dad aren’t paying too much attention.

Lulu decides to help her Gram by helping her remember things from the past, she uncovers a dark secret in Gram’s diary. Gram might be a spy. Olivia and Max set out to help her solve the mystery, all while Lulu keeps her superior memory a secret.

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Jersey’s Spots

Feb 12

I’m loving the reviews on “Jersey’s Spots”

We Could All Learn Something From this Cow

“We loved the turn of events as Jersey used a little bit of hard work with her natural talents to change her seemingly sad situation around. She not only helped others, but discovered herself in the process! Go Jersey!” Pickles and Cheese

Spot On

Jersey’s Spots is a beautifully written picture book about self-acceptance. I was utterly mooooved! L. Schmid

Cute Story and Cute Drawings

“The story is so sweet and the pictures beautiful! A tale about being yourself – and being ok with that.” Coolio

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Favorite Book Quotes – On Friendship

Feb 11

From: Booki Vivant

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Book Review – Ollie Oxley and the Ghost: The Secret of the Lost Gold. Middle Grade

Jan 31

Any middle-grade reader will love this book. I guarantee they will fly through the pages and want more. Lisa has woven a tale filled with humor, ghosts, gold, a mystery, a bully, and even managed a few history lessons. Ollie and his family have moved again, this time Ollie hopes it’s the last. He quickly makes a new friend, Teddy, who happens to be a ghost. Ollie makes a few “real” friends too, but he also captures the attention of the town bully and her minions. Things don’t seem to be going right for Ollie, and it looks like his family will have to move again – unless he can solve the mystery of the missing gold.

I give this 4.99 out of 5 bookmarks (remember only Harry Potter has 5 bookmarks.)

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Book Review – I Am Still Alive by Kate Alice Marshall, Young Adult

Jan 28

I was hooked from the start. One – the main character is a girl named Jess.  Two – she has to survive on her own, alone – out in the Canadian wilderness. It’s just Jess, her father’s dog, and the unforgiving wilderness.

Jess lost everything; all she has left are the daily reminders with her scars and broken body, from a car accident that killed her mom.  Having no one else, Jess is sent to live with her absentee father, who prefers to live alone, far away from anyone else. Jess is angry at first, while at the same time feels a little sorry for herself.  She pays little attention to her father as he teaches her about living in the wild, things that could literally save her life.  After her father is killed and the small cabin burns, Jess learns to survive.

This is more than a survival story.  It’s a story of change, determination, and love.

4 out of 5 Bookmarks (it’s good – only Harry Potter has 5)

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This is Young Adult in nature. There are several shooting deaths and other forms of violence, so not recommending for a younger audience.

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Book Review – Esme’s Wish

May 28

Esme’s Wish is a beautifully written, enchanting novel about fifteen-year-old Esme Silver. At the start, we are introduced to Esme, her objections to her father’s new marriage. No one seems to care that her mother has gone missing and is presumed dead.

Esme believes there is something suspicious about her mother’s disappearance and sets off to investigate for herself. Guided by a mysterious bird and her mother’s art, Esme is accidentally swept into the enchanted world of Aeolia where she discovers new friends and the truth.

It the perfect package of a mystery wrapped in an enchanted world. Middle-grade readers who love fantasy will enjoy. I am not a fantasy fan, but I found myself enthralled and with Esme’s story and couldn’t put the book down.

Oh did I mention there are dragons, Sirens, and magic?

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Book Review “Charming Life of Izzy Malone” by Jenny Lundquist

Apr 02

Isabella Malone, Izzy for short, has one thing on her middle-grade agenda – to be part of the Dandelion Paddlers, a rowing club. She has a few problems, one being she visits the school principal, a lot. The other, her overachiever sister who casts a big shadow over Izzy. Her parents have had enough and decide to enroll Izzy in charm school. When the first assignment arrives by mail, and it’s not exactly what Izzy thought it would be, but if she completes the task she will get a cool charm to add to a bracelet. Being Izzy though, the tasks don’t go easy, and soon her hopes of getting all the charms and being a Dandelion Paddler begin to sink.

Fun, can’t put it down story of the underdog, the kid who seems to be misunderstood, friendship, family, and dreams.

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